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Our Services

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Specialised Supported Employment

Specialised Supported Employment service is designed to provide employment support and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This service offers ongoing support for both the employee and the employer.

Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements

Travel and transportation assistance comprises assistance that enables participants to develop the capacity to travel independently, such as using a personal vehicle, related aids and equipment, or training to use public transportation alone.

Household Tasks

Providers are responsible for cleaning, gardening, basic indoor & outdoor home maintenance, laundry and meal preparation. This may involve undertaking essential household tasks that the participant cannot perform. This support enables participants to maintain their home environment.

Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities

Participation in community activities is one of the NDIS support areas. We all understand the importance of community interaction and how it will help in the development process.

Daily Personal Activities

This service helps participants maintain their care and sanitation consistently. Participants may be required to perform personal care duties like showering, using the restroom, changing, etc.

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